fastest growing cryptocurrency
fastest growing cryptocurrency

The Real Game Changer

The FidoMeta Currency


Reliable & Decentralized

FidoMeta CryptoCurrency is Reliable and Decentralized. We offer protection to your investment and provide global transactions for all our clients.


Full Transparency

All the transactions are transparent, and our clients can check them anytime they want. The Clients investment is managed securely by our organization.


Lowest Processing Fees

FidoMeta offers the lowest processing fees to all the clients to transfer funds to another. We provide our clients the option to send and receive funds smoothly.


Fastest Transaction

Our Clients can transfer currencies smoothly in the fastest way possible. We use the latest tools and technologies to transfer funds reliably.

What is FidoMeta

FidoMeta marks a new beginning in Crypto Currency

FidoMeta is a Currency mining technology that offers people all over the world to make global payments easily. Our FidoMeta Community has started the best digital currency that will help creators from around the globe to earn money online. It is available to everyone, wherever you are in the world.

fastest growing cryptocurrency
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Why Choose FidoMeta

FidoMeta is the next big Crypto Currency

It has been developed intricately by the best Technical and Marketing Team. FidoMeta is a Global Crypto Currency which can be easily used to make payments around the world. It offers Lowest Transaction fees and Secure & Fastest Transfer of Currencies from one account to another across the globe.

What is FidoMeta offering in the Crypto Market?

Easy Payment Gateway

Clients can easily transfer funds across the globe using our application.

Reliable Global Platform

We provide reliable global platform which is safe to use and protects your data.

Easy to Understand

FidoMeta provides user-friendly applications for mobile and desktop and allows clients to use it easily without second thoughts.

FidoMeta will guide you

Our Technical team will help you to use FidoMeta CryptoCurrency if you have any doubts regarding our applications. Our CryptoCurrency uses Blockchain technology. It is secure and removes intermediaries making your payment anonymous.

Buy Our Token

Token Management

Token Sale

Pre Sale

10% 1,50,00,00,000 FMC

Pancake Listing

5% 75,00,00,000 FMC

Exchange Listing

20% 3,00,00,00,000 FMC
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We create opportunity

FidoMeta is the real game changer

Our Crypto Currency will allow clients to make faster and safer payments with the best encryption. Crypto Currency is going to be the future of global currency system.

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We are time saver

Rapid ICO growth

  • FidoMeta is growing rapidly so clients can benefit from its growth.
  • The better the value of FidoMeta in the market the more profit for the early investors.
  • Clients can invest low and make huge capital from market growth.
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We got the skill

FidoMeta aims to lead the Crypto Market

  • We provide secure payment methods for clients so they can transfer crypto-currencies without any worries.
  • FidoMeta protects clients from Whales technique which causes investors to lose their capitals.
  • We provide Auto-Boost mechanism which helps our clients to avoid making wrong decisions.

Why Choose FidoMeta

FidoMeta Features

Decentralized Network

The Decentralised structure of the Crypto Currency allows users to make payment without any interference from third party.

Protection of user data

The Datas of the users are anonymous so the payments made are very secure.

Crypto payment gateway

The Payment gateway uses Blockchain method so the transaction is very safe.

Unlimited possibility

Crypto Currency has unlimited possibility of growth and is the future of the Global Currency.

We are FidoMeta

The Road Map

  • Coin Development
  • Pre Sale
  • Coin Audit (Token Audit)
  • Listing on Coin rating & ICO platforms
  • 100+ Global Press releases
  • Air Drops
  • Pan Cake Listing
  • Exchange Listing

We are FidoMeta

Team Members

Core Team


Dr. K. Mohideen

Group Chairman

Sankar. C

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer
Balamohan Krishnan

Balamohan Krishnan

Chief Operating Officer
Krishna Prakash

Krishna Prakash

Chief Strategy Officer


Vice President in Marketing
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